Freitag, 6. Mai 2005

Testing, testing, 1, 2...

Finally, the Parss client for Antville has arrived here at as a completely rewritten version 2.

The client enables Antville users to subscribe to RSS news feeds and easily include feed items in postings to their own weblog.

It's not yet ready for prime-time but I am inviting every antville weblog owner to test it here and help me finding those tiny little bugs to make this a perfect piece of software.

Simply locate your browser to your weblog's base URL (http://[alias] and add /feeds/manage after it.


From there, enter any RSS URL into the input field. You can find these URLs linked with these tiny orange XML buttons most of the time.


You also can take a look at which feeds any other Antville user has subscribed so far. E.g. this is the restricted view on my personal feeds.

Furthermore, there is a generic Feedviewer that can be used by anyone (even unregistered visitors at to include little boxes containing a feed's items in any webpage (even apart from

Feel free to post your comments and observations below this story. And have fun!

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