Dienstag, 22. Mai 2007

About Antville Summer Of Code 2007

(Deutsche Fassung)

As there is obviously still enough interest in further developing Antville I want to try my best to care about its realization.

Thus, this summer 2007 shall be taking place under the sign of Antville, lest a sunny stream may enlighten ye good ole program code, and may warm the hearts of the Antville community.

Welcome to Antville Summer Of Code 2007.

I am going to summarize all proposals, wishes and ideas and rank these regarding their ease (or difficulty) of realization.

Additionally, some further, absolutely necessary replacements in the code have to be adjoined. (E.g. in terms of security vulnerabilities or overall program structure.)

All of these will be wrapped in feature packages which the community freely can choose to fund in order to make the modifications happen.

Consequently, there is an important difference to earlier activities of this kind: no altruistic approach, anymore.

Similar to the Antville Server Fund 2002 which made it possible to buy new hardware five years ago, now is the time to afford overdue revisions of the software based on donations.

I will spend half of my working time with further developing Antville, and I estimate three (calendar) months should be sufficient for the work to be done while 1.000€ should be enough to compensate for one month.

As extra reward the whole development process is to become more open and more intelligible.

I bank on your understanding and of course hope for your support. As usual, you can post your questions, praise and blame in the comments.

And please do not forget to pass on the news, with timpanis and trumpets!

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