Freitag, 18. Juni 2010

Antville Is Nine – Happy Birthday!

On the occasion of the ninth birthday of Antville I just uploaded the packages for the new official Antville Release 1.2 to the development site.

Please feel free to take a look. I particularly recommend trying out the AntClick package. It contains everything you need to run Antville on your own computer – including web server, database, bells and whistles and all. And it is easily installed and configured. Two clicks, as usual.

With less than 6 megs download size it is probably the full-featured weblog software with the smallest footprint out there! Anyway, it is the bestest AntClick evah. Get it while it’s hot!

For me personally a long, winded road ends here. It started in 2007 with the infamous Summer of Code and went the unfathomable ways with twists and turns, breaks and detours until this happy ending. Finally.

In the meantime moved to yet another new server and the project got a solid foundation with establishing the association, the verein.

And now a new release. Hell freezes over! After more than six years!!!

I am sooo happy about this.

So thanks to all of you who helped Antville becoming the star. You know who you are.

Of course still other roads are ahead for Antville, you and me, altogether; new junctions as well as well-worn paths. I am looking forward where they are going to lead us. Because they will!

Onward, for another decade!

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